Dr. Garber: A doctors you can trust

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| March, 12 2020 | for Jeffrey G. Garber, MD

Dr. Garber has been my doctor since the 80's when he was director of the family medicine residency program at UAB Huntsville Program. I followed him from there to his private practice. When he told me he was going to participate in the MDVIP program, there was no question that I would pay the out-of-pocket fee to continue with him. And as I see friends unable to find doctors now, it was a wise decision. While there are a lot of things I appreciate about Dr. Garber, I have been especially grateful that he has seen me through several serious episodes such as a long-term hospitalization for pneumonia and a back surgery. I can't describe how comforting it always was as I was lying in the hospital sick, in pain and feeling vulnerable to look up and see him and know that he was going to come by and check on me every single day. It was also very helpful to have him take his time, often take a seat on the foot of my bed and interpret what the specialists told me on their quick visits that I often did not understand. I thank God that there are still family doctors like Dr. Garber, a truly kind and good person as well as a good doctor.