Dr. Handelman is an incredible doctor and person.

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| March, 15 2018 | for Mark C. Handelman, MD

Dr. Handelman is an incredible doctor and person. He is a consummate professional. Whenever I meet with him I feel that he truly cares about me and my health. He never seems rushed, explains issues thoroughly, is willing to answer all of my questions, is knowledgeable about recent research, is proactive and preventative is his approach, and is always calm and caring. He cared for both my mother and father before they died. I cannot begin to express in words how much he helped them both through their darkest hours physically and emotionally. As their daughter, I cannot imagine experiencing their illnesses and subsequent deaths without the support and help of Dr. Handelman. My husband and I talk frequently about how much his good medicine, attention to detail, availability, and professionalism mean to our own healthcare. Thank you, Dr. Handelman for being such a partner in keeping me and Douglas well. Health is our number one priority and Dr. Handelman is a crucial part of helping us be as healthy as possible.