Dr. Im is my favorite doctor ever!

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| March, 13 2020 | for Marvin Im, DO

I have to admit, I loved Dr. Im before he joined MDVIP, but I feel this program has allowed him to be the doctor he truly is and always wanted to be able to be It gives him the time to spend with his patients one-on-one and ALWAYS be available to you. This provides the best patient/doctor relationship and allows him to truly know YOU. Dr. Im goes above and beyond. He listens. He takes time. He does the most complete physical anyone’s ever had, I promise! He has always been there, even if I just text him any silly question. When we went over my physical/blood test results, he spent over an HOUR just talking to me. One-on-one. Not only about my physical health, but my emotional and mental well-being as well. HE CARES. I actually was the one to finally say I had to go, because I had to be somewhere.....I never imagined a doctor spending so much time with me!!! If I drop by the office unannounced for something, if he is not with a patient he will drop everything to come say hello, ask me how I’m doing. If you live in the central Ohio area and don’t have Dr. Im as your doctor, trust me....you need him in your life! He’s simply THE BEST!