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| March, 31 2020 | for Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD
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Having been a patient of Dr. Pearson prior to her becoming part of the MDVIP program, I knew, if at all possible, I wanted her to continue to be my PCP. I liked the way she handled my care with concern for ME. What I was pleased to discover is as a MDVIP doctor she now is able to afford ME even more time and a deeper level of care. Last year for the first time in many years, I suffered from two bouts of flu -- one I worked through myself with symptoms lasting about 5 days in April but the stress of the illness contributed to a flare up of sciatica. She took charge of that and told me there was no reason to have to suffer. After the right kind of physical therapy, I was myself again. The second flu episode was far more serious lasting three weeks--mostly because I tried to self-doctor and get through it myself. When I did see Dr. Pearson she took charge and got me on the road to recovery. I have rheumatoid arthritis and as I am aging my immune system is simply more vulnerable even with infusion treatments. You can now imagine my concern with COVID19. I am now more thankful than ever to know I have Dr. Pearson in my corner should I need her in these trying times. She is far ahead of most physician's on battling this front. Although I am taking every precaution, I still must have an infusion to bolster my immune system and keep joint pain at bay. I, as many others, have deep concerns and sleepless nights but I feel that I have one ace in the hole and that is Dr. Pearson. THANK YOU for my care and continuing to be the best you can be in your field. It was a wise decision several years ago to follow you. Most sincerely and with my appreciation, Pat