Dr. Jill Cohen

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| March, 13 2020 | for Jill B. Cohen, DO

As a patient of Dr. Jill Cohen, I went in last month for a routine yearly check-up. She inquired why I had not yet undergone my yearly recommended colonoscopy. I explained that since no abnormalities had been found in the past colonoscopies, and since the preparation for this procedure is unpleasant and inconvenient, I would skip it this year. Dr. Cohen strongly (!) urged me to get the procedure done, mentioning that she had seen many cases of colon cancer, and that the preparation for the testing was well worth it. So, I went ahead and underwent the colonoscopy, and a very large polyp, which could have become cancerous, was discovered and removed. I am so grateful for Dr. Cohen's insistence on the procedure, and I trust her implicitly as my personal physician.
Melanie Fisher