Dr. Joanne Crantz, Doctor/Family

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| March, 25 2020 | for Joanne G. Crantz, MD, FACP

As an 82-yr old, I can attribute my good health to Dr Joanne Crantz ‘ vigilant care. On one occasion, her diagnosis and quick response saved my life, which I didn’t even realize was at risk. She identified the problem and referred me to a vascular surgeon who operated within two weeks. However, that was the past.
In the current Coronavirus Pandemic, she made unsolicited calls to her patients that reassured us, my wife and me, that if we became symptomatic, she would be available to guide us through the necessary steps.
I cannot emphasize how comforting this phone call was to a pair of 80+ year olds who have no immediate family in the area and are entirely on our own. Because of her actions, past and present, I consider her “family.”