Dr. John P. Welch - the Best!

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| March, 10 2020 | for John Patrick Welch, MD

I had a previous doctor for 10 years with whom I was beyond frustrated for multiple reasons. In July of 2018, I made the switch to Dr. Welch & MDVIP. My blood sugar/diabetes was out of control, my high blood pressure was not controlled among other issues i have. Dr. Welch took the time to listen to me instead of lecture. He got my blood pressure back in better control than it's been in years. He then changed me from Metformin to insulin due to the terrible side effects I was having. In addition, I began to lose weight and lost 30 pounds. In March of 2019, I was involved in a pretty serious car accident (not my fault, a 17-year old blew through a stop sign - couldn't even see her coming and I was in the air). I ended up with a fractured left rib, partially deflated bottom lung, mid-back injuries, knee impact and bruised large toe. Dr. Welch was on call, checking on me and very attentive both from the ambulance where I was being checked to after visit/appointments and responsibly giving me medication as well as scheduling follow-up x-rays, physical therapy, etc. While I'm still dealing with the effects of that accident, Dr. Welch has been coordinating and assisting in every way he can think of. I love this doctor!