Dr Kahan is so very sincere and caring.

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| March, 4 2016 | for Bruce A. Kahan, MD

In June, Dr Kahan referred me to an OBGYN after I was having difficulty getting a new Dr since I am over 65. This Drs team discovered I had endometral cancer, very beginning stage. I was referred to an excellent Gyn oncologist who succesfully determined all cancer was gone! Dr Kahan followed up checking on my healing process and answering any concerns I had. In December I came down with BellsPaulsey and Dr Kahan immediately had me come in and got me on the proper treatment to get healing started! I was recoverred in 5 weeks, which in talking with friends was great!
Dr Kahan is so very sincere and caring. My husband and I cannot begin to properly express our admiration and appreciation to Dr Kahan. HE IS THE VERY BEST!!!