Dr Kamlet is very knowledgeable,demonstrates professionalism

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| March, 16 2018 | for David A. Kamlet, MD

I have been Dr. Kamlet 's patient for the past 7 years. Last year I followed Dr. Kamlet to MDVIP. . From the first moment I have found it easy to establish positive patient -doctor relationship. Dr Kamlet is very knowledgeable,demonstrates professionalism and confidence, has strong work etics and is passionate about his work. Dr kamlet sees his patients as human beings. He shows interest in their jobs,, career, talent, and other aspects of their life. He is a good listener , respectful.and compassionate. . Dr Kamlet treats the whole person. In many occasions he has asked me questions about aspects of my life which were not necessarily related to the reasons of my visits, but which nevertheless had effect on my well being. In one occasion, seeing how worried I was about my sick dog , dr. kamlt took upon himself to speak with my dog's veterinarian about the health condition of my dog. It is very reassuring to me to be under the care of Dr. Kamlet.