Dr. Kaplan saved my life.

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| November, 9 2021 | for Harry W. Kaplan, MD

On October 7 of this year in the middle of the day I wound up with severe chest pains. I had a small bout of this the previous Sunday night and went to the hospital. They told me my EKG was fine. When this debilitating pain happened I called Dr. Kaplan and he asked if I could make it to his office. I was able to, he did an EKG and picked up some very small variances. What makes Dr. Kaplan who he is was the fact that he did not leave my side until the ambulance arrived. His attitude was very calming, he told me I would be OK and that my cardiologist would be able to rectify this problem. His kindness, warmth, support, and empathy makes him the person who he is. He is a very rare individual and I am nothing but happy that he is my doctor.