Dr. Kate Wilson is the Best!

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| March, 11 2020 | for Kate B. Wilson, MD

Where do I start. I had so many issues after my parathyroid surgery. Everything that could have gone wrong did. I couldn’t speak. My vocal chords were stretched, while searching for a wayward parathyroid. Two days after coming back from surgery, I had the worst case of gout in my right big toe. Dr. Wilson was out of the country. She was on my side the entire time through messaging and email. She had her doctors on call get me help. I so appreciate the expert care she left for me during her absence. I got relief from the gout, but have been struggling with the speech problem for over 8 months. I am finally being able to speak and communicate, almost to my natural voice. Recently, I had a Calcium heart and lung scan. No less than 2 days later, Dr. Wilson was calling me with the results, and ordering a prescription to start immediately. She knows my history. I feel she is so concerned and on top of my health care. She is easy to talk to, always pleasant and interested in my life and health. I adore her. She is my person!