Dr Kennedy Please Don't retire!!!

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| March, 19 2020 | for Diana L. Kennedy, MD

I first met Dr. Kennedy in late 1995 I believe. I had just been diagnosed with Diabetes and she was recommended by another Dr. But I say she was God Sent.
She has seen me through many , many hard times and I can't count the times I showed up at her Office with no appointment when I was going through my Panic Attack season and she and all of her Staff were sooooooo WONDERFUL to me.

She has seen me through an attempted Suicide and many other stressful times in my life. She and her Staff have all become like a Family to me and I will never be able to repay them for the kindness they have shown me.

She has continually stayed on top of anything and everything that could happen because of my Diabetes and kept me as healthy as she could.

My husband loves her too, he doesn't know how she puts up with me, but she does and for that I am Thankful.

Over the the last 24 years at least I have known Dr Kennedy to Always go Above and Beyond the Call of her duty. And for this I am so Greatfull. I will never find another Dr Diana Kennedy and I will be Sad when ever she does retire. But on the other hand I am so Blessed to have had her for my Dr. for the 24 years I have. I am so Thankful for how ever many more years Gods give her to me as my Dr.

To Dr Kennedy and her Staff. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May God Continue to Bless you All!!