Dr. Kent Matsuda

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| March, 13 2020 | for Kent M. Matsuda, MD

Last year, 2019, several of my doctors had retired. I found myself needing an immediate back surgery. I didn't have a primary physician. My husband, who was a patient of Dr. Matsuda, called him and asked if I could join his practice. He said yes right away. Two days later, I went into the hospital to have my surgery. As I was waiting and getting prepped, to my surprise, Dr. Matsuda walked into my room. I said "what are you doing here?" He said that he was there to check on me. I was so happy and felt so supported by him. He had only been my doctor for 2 days. He continues to be a wonderful, caring and available doctor. Over the last 14 months, I have had several issues and his office schedules me in right away. His promptness and efficiency also apply to my prescriptions.
I am so appreciative to be a patient of Dr. Matsuda. I have recommended him to a couple of my friends. I am glad that you have given me this opportunity to tell him how grateful I am for his care.