Dr. Kevin Gil, Rockville MD

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| January, 5 2021 | for Kevin M. Gil, MD, FAAFP

It is not an overstatement to say that I cannot imagine life without you as my doctor. I found you after enduring months of a badly managed bout of sciatica, and I never looked back. Having you be the one to manage my care for the few minor problems I have had since then was a gift, and one that I am so sorry to be losing. You are smart and personable, you have an excellent bedside manner, you always start with the easiest and least invasive solution, and I always felt so well-cared for by you and your staff. I will never find a doctor that I will like as much as I liked you, and by “liked” I mean appreciated for your skills and professionalism and comportment. If we could carry on remotely, believe you me I would, but I know I need to find someone up here in Cape Cod. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family; please know that I will miss all of you terribly. With great appreciation and affection.