Dr. Leder takes a genuine, sincere interest in her patients.

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| March, 28 2017 | for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

I have been a patient with Dr. Leder for over ten years. I have never had my health in a better condition than since I started to see Dr. Leder. She is what I consider to be the real deal, a true doctor. Dr. Leder cares so much more for her patients than what I hear from colleagues and friends who go to the ten minute and you're out offices.

Dr. Leder takes a genuine, sincere interest in her patients, knows and asks about family members, and always makes you feel as though you are number one when she is with you - no distractions.

I feel a friendship with my doctor. I feel as though Dr. Leder treats most of her patients as friends, becomes invested in us and how to help make us better.

I am so happy that she has joined MDVIP because I know that if I have to go to a hospital, she'll be there. If there is an issue that she does not have the answer to, she'll find it or refer you to a specialist.

In this day and time, I consider myself very lucky to have Dr. Leder in my corner, watching out for my health. There truly is no better: she is a great role model for other doctors to learn from.