Dr. Leff definitely saved my life!

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| March, 13 2020 | for Robert B. Leff, MD, FACP

Fourteen years ago, Dr. Leff ordered an MRI for me. I had no symptoms other than a back ache. The result was kidney cancer which, because it was found very early, was removed with a good outcome. When my husband was dying in the hospital, Dr. Leff made himself available to me, my son, and the hospital doctor for direction and advice. I have complete confidence in his abilities and experience. I recently experienced an infection in the eyelid and, having difficulty in seeing an ophthalmologist promptly, I turned to Dr. Leff who handled it. Knowing I have someone to “go to bat” for me gives me peace of mind, so very important at my stage of life! So, thank you, Dr. Leff. You make such a positive difference in my life!