Dr. Leslie Murphy

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| February, 12 2024 | for Leslie C. Murphy, MD
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The story? It cannot be limited by a 5,000 word edict. Why? I cannot isolate one instance or occurrence which speaks about Dr. Murphy. She is the foundation of the 911 system…even in a non-emergency situation. Why? She does not ask a myriad of questions, trying to “triage” patients. She leaves me feeling that my concerns are legitimate and that nobody else’s are more important. In her presence, I am the most important. What sets Dr. Murphy apart from the masses of medical conglomerates? She listens. And listens. And listens more. And talks less. Dr. Murphy does not leave me feeling that my concerns are similar to others she heard the same day, week, or month. Instead, she assures me that mine are unique, valid, and attention warranted. She does not interrupt my speech with a terse answer and recommended treatment. As she comments, “This is your time.” Not “appointment” or a timeframe with an end point…my “time” without speaking of an end time. She treats not only signs and symptoms; she considers me as a whole person…mind, body, and spirit. She shows compassion and sympathy. She is a problem solver but never hints that I am a problem. She is compassionate; she intuitively knows what I need to hear without passing judgment on ideas or whims. I’ve seen her when her medical journey presented insurmountable odds…yet…she supported me and my ailments which paled immensely in comparison. I did not pray to higher powers for a cure for her…I begged…and begged…and begged again. It’s not that she didn’t “deserve” the hand dealt…I felt it was a dirty hand…with no place at her table in the game of life. Brilliance, compassion, and dedication are the rare combination that should not be challenged. Begging works. If you like the notion, I’m begging, once again, to recognize her extraordinary talents…as a doctor, as a caregiver, and as the most compassionate medical professional I have encountered. I’m certain you will agree.
With Sincerity,
Patricia McILnay