Dr. Lodhi has been a wonderful primary care doctor

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| March, 19 2018 | for Sundus A. Lodhi, MD

Dr. Lodhi has been a wonderful primary care doctor, replacing my previous physician of 30 years or more. She is knowledgeable, explains things to me clearly and patiently. She is very insightful, listens to and interprets accurately my explanations, which might not be perfect. She is also kind in her treatment of me as a patient. I feel completely secure in her care.

Replacing a doctor of so many years could have been a difficult situation, but the transition was smooth and quickly became the new normal for me.

Dr. Lodhi's staff is also wonderful. They were with the previous physician, so made the transition easier. They are also kind, efficient, listen well, and are expert in what they each do.

Jemma fields all my questions, knows who to contact, and is very patient when I don't quite know what I need. Her experience takes care of that problem always. She is a kind person, as well.

Gail is fun to work with and extremely efficient and knowledgeable in her duties. She also knows how to interpret imprecise answers and get to the core of the issue. As expected, she is also kind to everyone.

I am blessed to have had two fantastic medical experiences through MDVIP over most of my adult life.