Dr Mark Florek is Amazing

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Icathey Jo
| November, 16 2020 | for Mark E. Florek, MD, FACP
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I Aldo hoped Dr Florek would not retire for years to come. I have been so blessed with him as my primary physician In 2014 another doctor made a mistake when I was having surgery. Spent two years on IV antibiotics fading away. When Dr zflorek took me on as a patient because his MDVIP partner left the practice. The first thing he did was sent my records to the MDVIP office to get some help. No one in my state would touch another doctors mistake. I was fortunate that John Hopkins answered Dr Florek being an MDVIP physician saved my life. I am alive because of him. He has been so supportive not just for my physical health but my spiritual health as well. He is so encouraging when I was down going through the process of healing. Three major surgeries at John Hopkins and the Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston. Each surgery over 15 hours Even though dr Florek is retiring I will always be grateful. I will never forget you Dr. Florek. You will always live in my heart and I am forever grateful for your support in every aspect of my life. Enjoy your retirement with your family. I will always have an MDVIP doctor. He made sure the physician taking over is as compassionate and caring as he was. Dr Florek you made a great choice because Dr Myers is. Thank you foe caring about us even after you retire God bless you always. Love and peace.