Dr. Mary Cross is a Gem

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| March, 12 2020 | for Mary A. Cross, MD

I am 77 years old with several chronic health issues. I joined MDVIP 5-6 years ago. My original MDVIP doctor, who I greatly admired and appreciated, retired and Dr. Mary Cross moved from Texas to take over his practice. From my first meeting with Dr. Cross to the present day, I couldn't be happier or more pleased with her skill and expertise. She is an extraordinarily caring professional who takes time with me, answering questions and thoroughly exploring and diagnosing what my ailment of the day happens to be. My annual physical examination usually takes between two and three hours. Each annual physical is complete and every item explained and described.
Because I have chronic issues, I see any number of specialists: cardiologists, oncologists, pulmonologists and GI doctors. Each is highly skilled and each deals with her or his speciality. I desperately needed someone to serve as the hub of the wheel--to take in all the specialists' diagnoses and recommendations/prescriptions and to mesh them into a coherent whole-patient diagnosis and give me understandable direction.
Dr. Cross is my hub. She knows me. She cares for me as an individual.
She is a true gem.