Dr. Metzger, Jr. has been my physician for some 5+ years.

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| April, 22 2015 | for Charles E. Metzger Jr., MD

Dr. Metzger, Jr. has been my physician for some 5+ years. Before that I was blessed to have had Dr. Metzger Sr., ever since I moved to Florida in 1970. He had been recommended by my MD employer, (Harvard Graduate), therefore I valued the referral. In any case, my entire family (there are 10 of us) who lives in the area were patients of Dr. Metzger Sr., and since he retired we are equally blessed to now go to Dr. Metzger JR. He is most compassionate and understanding. I've reason to experience that, since my son, who was also his patient, was in exceptional need due to severe diabetes -- resulting in partial amputation of his foot. I need to say, to be honest and fair, that my son was in that condition all due to the fact that he stopped going to Dr. M., and consequently did not follow at all his advice, which caused the serious issues. I must add, that he did help me weather the storms my son's stubburness has caused himself. Lately he suffered a stroke... All of my son's problems would have been avoided had he followed Dr. Metzger's most capable advice. Therefore, what more can I say... Those of us being his patients, are most happy and can't say enough about
his caring ways. He even responded to an e-mail from me on a Sunday. Don't know too many people, and especially doctors, who would do that. I guess I tell you that my dear mother, who passed on in 1983, and was Dr. Metzger Sr's patient actually had a HOME CALL FROM DR. METZGER. One has to say that he is chip off the old block--or the pear does not fall far from the tree--if you pardon me quotiong old proverbs -- they still speak volumes:)