Dr. Nicholas F. Carulli, MD

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| March, 4 2020 | for Nicholas F. Carulli, MD, ACP
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Dr. Carulli is extraordinary, exceptional, and professional. I always look forward to my doctor appointments with Dr. Carulli. It's like going to talk with a good friend. He is honest, sincere and caring. I can say without a doubt Dr. Carulli saved my life several years ago, when we first met. He recognized I was a high risk, for potential heart issues, before I was even aware. Realizing the potentiality for heart issues, Dr. Carulli took immediate action and scheduled me with well known cardiologist and associated testing. Within the next month I had extensive tests and ultimately a five way bypass. Without his attention, action and professional connections, it could have taken months to see one of the best cardiologists in Vancouver WA. Dr. C. is one of the best..