Dr. Noble is TERRIFIC both as a physician and as a person.

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| March, 19 2020 | for Helen A. Noble, MD, FACP

Dr. Noble has been my primary care physician for many decades now -- and for very many years i have had full confidence in her in all the ways. When she decided to sign up with MDVIP, i quickly moved to sign up with her, so that i could continue as one of her patients. One of the aspects of her caring that was obvious from early on is the remarkable way she listens when i ask questions, or try to describe some medical concern. But she's not only remarkable in this way, but also remarkable in the ways she so patently and clearly responds to my queries, and in the ways she explains things. This has been the case whether her care for me was for a minor issue or for a really major issues, etc. -- and also in the extensive in person discussion we had in her office following the major annual MDVIP physical exam she and her colleagues undertook -- and a later written report along with pages of relevant medial data. In my view, Dr Noble is 5++