Dr. Norman Spencer Welch's "Other MD"

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| March, 29 2020 | for N. Spencer Welch, MD

In my opinion, Dr. Welch has another MD and it is in Listening and Patience !!!!!! Dr. Welch has been a part of my family since the early 90's when he was my Mother's doctor, and at that time he was not a member of MDVIP. The care and followup Dr. Welch gave my Mother equaled that of an MDVIP. My Mother passed at 90 years young in 2012 with her diabetes under control and never having to consider dialysis even though she had diabetic kidney disease. All of the above is because Dr. Welch listened and made sure as caregivers my husband and I knew exactly what to do to keep my Mother as healthy as possible. So, when I was told I was pre-diabetic I knew I would seek the care of Dr. Welch!!!! My physicals and regular office visits are always very detailed, educational, never rushed, and include follow-up e-mails that continue my educational process. I have had situations where I was sure something out of the ordinary was going on; Dr. Welch's listening and caring skills kept me from "freaking out". Dr. Welch's bedside manner and knowledge are above what I would ever want in a Doctor. He is truly saving my life as I continue to remain healthy and not feel I am failing as a patient. Dr. Welch's other MD is always at work. Thanks Dr. Welch, please know how much you are appreciated!!!!!