Dr. O'Brien, a one-of-a-kind winner ...

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| March, 20 2020 | for John F. O'Brien, MD

Dr. John O'Brien is a terrific, one-of-a-kind primary care doc. He's caring, knowledgeable, reliably available, and most importantly ... an astute, attentive listener.

Dr. O'Brien puts everyone at ease with his easy-going manner and wry sense of humor. A lot of docs have a lofty, distant air about themselves; not so John O'Brien. He is a warm engaging person who puts patients at ease and gives them a sense of confidence that they are in very good hands. And they are.

And Dr. O'Brien follows-up patient visits with phone calls to see how you're doing.

I have been a patient of Dr. O'Brien's for 25 years or so, and am very glad that I have been.