Dr. Oliver and me

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| March, 23 2020 | for Gregory A. Oliver, DO

Dr. Oliver has been my primary physician for over 30 years. He has always provided top notch care with a personal touch. His medical knowledge based on his varied patient base is incredibly wide ranging. He dispenses that knowledge with a unique friendly demeanor. I always look forward to my visits. We usually swap stories and share a laugh. I am so fortunate to have been under his care for such an extended period of my life. My, now deceased, first wife of 37 years was also a patient. I have since remarried and my second wife of 15 years became his patient shortly after we married. She gets a kick out hearing us laughing while I’m being examined in one room as his nurse is doing her preliminary exam in another room.
Let me sum up by saying that I very much admire Dr. Oliver as a person and a confidant as well as a doctor.