Dr Paul Smith in Reno, NV is our fabulous physician.

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| March, 1 2018 | for Paul R. Smith, MD

Dr Paul Smith in Reno, NV is our fabulous physician. Dr Smith is vastly knowledgeable, accessible and a great communicator. My medical records are maintained in a safe, thorough manner and his staff is kind and professional. Dr Smith is patient and cares deeply for his patients. Thanks to his smaller practice w MDVIP, Dr Smith is readily accessible and has time to be patient w my questions. He is very practical, treats his patients holistically and is always willing to advocate on insurance matters. The MDVIP program allows him to be very involved with my everyday health as well as personally monitoring various conditions. If youre looking for an excellent practitioner in Reno and Dr Smith is still taking new patients, please schedule an interview with him. I along with other family members consider ourselves very fortunate to be in Dr Smiths care. Hes a treasure and the remarkable MDVIP program is flawless. We are huge fans!