Dr. Peter Gosselink

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Dorothy Bill
| March, 25 2020 | for Peter G. Gosselink, MD

We love "our" Dr. Peter Gosselink!! And since we are both in our 90's we feel qualified to say that he is the epitome of the "perfect" Doctor. He is very up-to-date on all aspects of good health and always willing to share his knowledge with us in a way that we can understand. Compassionate is foremost in his vocabulary; encouraging without being judgmental; always takes the time to listen and advise...and at the end of each visit he makes a plan...and writes it down for us...to ensure our concerns are addressed.

And, now during this crisis our nation is facing, he has made sure that we are informed and is taking every precaution he can to ensure the safety of his patients as well as staff. We pray that all our physicians are as well equipped, mentally and physically, as our Dr. Gosselink. We feel very blessed to have him as our Primary Care Physician.