Dr. Phillips never makes me feel rushed in an appointment.

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| October, 27 2015 | for Melodie Phillips, MD, FACP
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Switching my health care to Dr. Melodie Phillips' MDVIP practice was one of the smartest things I've ever done. My previous doctor's practice had been acquired by a mega hospital system and I, like all the other patients, had become a number as the doctors became inaccessible to us, and appointments (which were difficult to get) were strictly limited to 15 minutes. Because I have several chronic health problems, I had begun to feel that my concerns were not receiving adequate attention; that things were being missed. With Dr. Phillips, it's a completely different experience. It is never a problem to get an appointment in a timely manner - she and her staff do all they can to get me in. They are always welcoming, friendly, and caring, and extremely professional. Dr. Phillips never makes me feel rushed in an appointment. She is an excellent listener, and her responses always reflect her thoughtful and analytical approach. She meticulously chronicles the content of each appointment. The thing I especially love about her is that she takes a very proactive, holistic approach to my health - issues aren't dealt with out of context with other aspects of my health. I feel that Dr. Phillips cares about me as a person, and that my health is a top priority for her. The peace of mind that I now have regarding my health care is priceless.