Dr. Ripley and his staff are always there for me!!

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| March, 11 2020 | for Daniel C. Ripley, MD

Although I consider myself a healthy person, I have some nuisance problems that can at times be very frustrating. Dr. Ripley and his staff have always responded to my medical needs as well as my emotional needs. They understand the times when "no cure or no diagnosis" add a drop in my otherwise positive outlook. Dr. Ripley never hesitates to send me to a specialist is the problem persists or the situation warrants.

Dr. Ripley has also attended a specific class on Rest Leg Syndrome with me in mind, as I suffer from this condition on a daily basis. What he learned and pass on to me in a personal phone call has continued to make a difference in the quality of my daily life.

Thank you Dr. Ripley. My decision to go to your practice was one of the best choices I made after coming to South Carolina 7 years ago.