Dr Schrader has become something more.than.my doctor.

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| March, 1 2018 | for Shannon Ray Schrader, MD
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I moved to Houston Texas from New York City some 24 years ago. After searching for a competent doctor I was given Dr Schrader's name. I schedule and appointment and went without any special expectations, just a regular doctor patient deal. But how surprised I was by the attention, the warmth care and positive attitude of Doctor Shrader. He became immediately my preferred care provider. He has taken care of me during very usually ailments to very serious ones requiring surgery. He was always there following up on my progress. Then the time came when I was diagnosed with Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It was at this time that he excelled beyond my wildest expectations. I was very afraid and depressed. I remember like if it was yesterday when I went to his office to set a treatment plan. He explains in detail all my options and gave me the hope and the strength that I needed. He told me if I needed to talk he was there for me and that I did not have to face this alone. At the end of the visit he gave me a hug that lifted my fallen bitten spirit and gave me hope, hope that I desperately needed in such dire times. Its being 8 years since my diagnosis and thanks to his outstanding care and knowledge I have remained undetectable and extremely healthy. Dr Schrader has become something more.than.my doctor. He turn into my light in my darkest hour, my savior, and invaluable friend.