For Dr. Sheldon Warman

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| February, 29 2020 | for Sheldon T. Warman, MD

Dr. Warman is one of the finest physicians we have both known over the years. Once I was sitting in the ER of a local hospital waiting for the ER physician to get around to seeing me. After over an hour of waiting, I finally got sufficiently annoyed at being kept waiting so long that I called Dr. Warman and told the operator of my dilemma. Within ten minutes I had received a call-back from Dr. Warman who told me that he would see what he could do to facilitate things for me. Soon I heard an overhead page for the ER doctor from Dr. Warman. Shortly after that the ER doctor made his first appearance to find out what was wrong and why I was in the ER. Then I was whisked off for an x-ray, following which the ER doctor returned, read my x-ray, and told me that if I could walk across the room for him, that he was going to send me home. I did, and he did. I later learned that Dr. Warman was in New York when he called me and I was in a hospital on Miami Beach.