Dr. Silverman: My Dad and I (and the rest of the family) thank you for making his life so much better!

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| March, 22 2020 | for Joel I. Silverman, DO, FACP

Dad's history of cognitive decline started in his 50's, but was generally well compensated for until he reached 88. You came on the scene after Dad's concierge doctor suffered a horrendous medical event, which surfaced when Dad was most vulnerable and acutely hospitalized. You came on the scene and instantly inspired confidence in us, due to your fantastic and calming bedside manner and eye-on-the-bigger-picture. You worked diligently and quickly to move Dad from clear overmedication that he had been receiving from a well-meaning set of medical professionals from whom he had been receiving care. The fine-tuning that you have provided allowed Dad to clear somewhat cognitively, which was a blessing to us. You have been the perfect physician for us, not only evidenced by his general medical stability, but also by continuing to agree with his advance directive and our desire not to allow overzealous but well-meaning specialists to lose sight of the person and only focus on the potential procedures that they can offer. You have always taken our calls promptly and compassionately. For all of these reasons, you will have my eternal gratitude.