Dr. Sonstein is the best!!!

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| December, 7 2018 | for Allen Sonstein, MD

Dr. Sonstein is the best!!! I am a retired RN and I have always been very particular about any MD that my husband or I would ever trust our medical care with. Both my husband and I started seeing Dr. Sonstein in 2005 prior to my open heart surgery. At that time I had a feeling that I was getting worse cardiologically. My cardiologist that I had had for decades had just retired and I went to the one he referred to me. I brought up my concern that I thought I would need open heart surgery because I just knew in my gut that I was getting worse. He replied Don't even go there without even answering my question or questioning why I thought that. I knew I had to change my cardiologist and needed to get a really good referral. I had heard that Dr. Sonstein gave good referrals of doctors and that he doesn't refer patients to his golf buddies ( Dr. Sonstein does not play golf). I heard he only referred doctors who he trusted for his family or himself. Nothing was obvious to any doctor at that time that I was in trouble but 6 months later I did need open heart surgery. Dr. Sonstein was seeing me at the hospital at that time and when I suffered complications, he saw to it that I got immediate help. All of this was before he became an MDVIP. I cannot say just how many times he saw me the same day that I needed him. At least twice, he saw me on our way out of town when I had a medical issue. He is an excellent diagnostician and he makes great decisions for both my husband's and my own health care. He saw my daughter when she needed care and was in Austin. He is kind and is everything a really conscientious and methodical doctor would do. He is so much like the old fashioned doctor that I knew as a child who would come to your home immediately and make sure your flu symptoms weren't polio. I reiterate Dr. Sonstein is the best!!!