Dr. Striegel is Dr.WOW!

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| February, 14 2014 | for William L. Striegel, MD

Dr. Striegel is Dr.WOW!
I am 68 years old. I have been going to Dr Striegel for about 8 years now. I had a wonderful Doctor from age 16 and he had passed away about 15 years before I found Dr. Striegel. I have HBP and the medicines I was taking were making me sicker than the HBP itself.
I continued to ask my Doctor about it and he would not change any of it. I heard about Dr. Striegel thru a neighbor. I called for an appointment. In
the discussion between Dr./ Patient, Dr. Striegel changed my meds.Immediately ,I started to feel better.
Early in my life I was blessed to know what a great Doctor was like. Now after going to various Doctors, I had found another great one.
If you want a Doctor that listens to you,cares about you, then Dr. Striegel is the one you need. I have serious health issues. Without Dr. Striegel, I would be terrified. I am old enough to know the differance between being a Doctor, and being a GREAT Doctor. Dr. Striegel is a GREAT Doctor.