Dr. Swanson, truly a partner in my health

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| March, 27 2020 | for Douglas G. Swanson, MD

My pcp, a member of MDVIP, unexpectedly retired, leaving me wondering if I could find a MDVIP doctor similarly holistically oriented. By the end of the "get to know each other" appointment with Dr. Swanson, I knew that he respected my desire to not jump to strong medications , that he was well versed in the particular health issues I face and that his manner was calm, thoughtful, and positive. I felt like he was truly interested in the whole me, mind, body and spirit.
As we have worked together the past one and a half years, all those original impressions were right on.
He has gently pushed me to work on certain on-going problems and has been there for me when the unexpected has happened. I like that he operates from a very rational, intellectual position as well as an intuitive, heart level.
Both his nurse, Candy and office manager, Virginia, like Dr. Swanson, are always helpful, caring and patient. Must mention my husband very much likes Dr Swanson, too.
I'm grateful to be in Dr. Swanson's practice!