Dr. West has a unique, intuitive relationship with each patient.

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| February, 19 2014 | for James H. West, MD
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Dr. West has a unique, intuitive relationship with each patient. My husband and I feel he has actually saved our lives. He was our Dr. when we lived in Atlanta and after moving to North Carolina, we opted to travel to keep our relationship.
My husband suffered with sleep apnea and didn't know he had a problem. He wasn't obese and had no problem with tonsils or adenoids. Dr. West ordered the sleep apnea test after an echo cardiogram showed Pulmonary hypertension. His heart is now normal and he sleeps like a baby with the cpap.
After my yearly physical, he arranged some cardiac tests. At age 70, I had no symptoms...not short of breath, no chest pains, etc. He just felt it was time to have some tests to make sure everything was under control. To everyone's surprise, the stress test revealed an area that was not normal. After a cardiac cath, the cardiologist found the right coronary artery 80 blocked and he installed a stent.
We love to travel with our children. I can't imagine if I would have had a heart attack in a foreign country. Dr. West has improved and prolonged our quality of life. How can we thank him for the gift of life? We can only offer our prayers and thanks for taking a personal interest in each of his patients. Thank you, Dr. West.