Dr Wright! Best doc and friend EVER!

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Mary Ellen
| March, 10 2020 | for Regina M. Wright, MD

Dr Wright is simply amazing in so many ways. She demonstrates her love for us through her medical practice and through her inspiring support. Dr Wright takes the time to carefully review my results, discuss my lifestyle and give me practical steps for improvement. She is honest, open, and extremely approachable. Through routine testing and small steps of improvement each quarter, my results have all significantly improved! Dr Wright takes everything a step further. My son (and as a result, me) went through a crisis recently. I asked Dr Wright for help and wow - she did way more than i thought would be needed or possible. Covey says "Love is a verb". Dr Wright always demonstrates love, through her word and her work. I also would like to mention her staff: Milton and Sharon - they are outstanding in their care and expertise. Thank you Dr Wright (and Milton and Sharon) for all you do for me and for so many others!