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| July, 16 2022 | for Richard G. Michal, MD

I want to first thank Dr. Natalie Doyle who referred me to Dr. Richard Michal in Rocky Mount. I was very nervous about getting to know a new Dr. after my former Dr. and her family decided to move to for a new adventure. Dr. Michal has made it so easy for this transition as he understood from the start how difficult it can be to change and put your trust in a new person. His Staff has been wonderful and I never feel like I am a bother to them. They answer all my questions with patience and understanding . I am still getting to know Dr. Michal. He has a fun personality and explains everything completely. He has a office that is inviting , bottled waters, nabs, even something for a sweet tooth and coffee for the coffee people. One thing that impressed me was him wanting to get to know me. So far he has been very kind understanding and caring. I look forward to getting to know him more as we go through this journey of providing the best health care practices for me to live a longer healthier lifestyle. My Best Regards to Dr.Michal and his Staff