Enjoy going to the doctor???

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| March, 17 2020 | for Barry Schumer, MD

I'm not sure I would go as far as saying I enjoy going to the doctor, however seeing Dr. Schumer is a lot less stressful than ever before. I don't go
to the doctor's office more often because its easier, but more importantly, I don't put off going because its a hassle.
It's often said that a home; a church; an organization will take on the personality of it's leader. This is exactly what Dr. Schumer's office is like.
His executive assistant, his nurse and even the staff at check-in and check-out are pleasant; friendly; knowledgeable; take whatever time is required to take care of any issue I may have. The personal care, genuine concern, time and attention by his nurse & executive assistant are a true reflection on Dr. Schumer.
Thanks to you all!