Eye to eye contact and conversations.

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| March, 8 2018 | for Kevin C Thompson, MD

Simply put. The care and compassion, attention and care I received from Dr Thompson has been stellar.
Eye to eye contact and conversations. Listening to my words! I have been so moved I signed up my Wife and my children.
MDIV, this program allows Doctors like Dr. Thompson to practice medicine the way it should be practiced. Bringing some faith back in Doctors in general.
I left my last Doctor of 19 years for lacking basic human skills. Like listening while I told him of my issue. As he typed on his laptop. I told him I was in a hurry. That I had left my Wife in the trunk of my car. He said ok, go on. So I did. I went out the door.

Its hard to find a Doctor that does not believe the oath her took was not to see as many patience as he can. As fast as he can.

I hate going to the Doctors. I hate it less with Dr. Thompson. AND I am healthier for it.