Facing uncertain times with a Caring and Compassionate Physician, Dr. J. David Cranor

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| March, 30 2020 | for J. David Cranor, MD
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With a diagnosis of cancer, the waiting is the hardest part as the Tom Petty song goes. Dr. Cranor has continually been there for me and has greatly reduced my anxiety with timely communications, caring and compassion. When I discovered a suspicious lump in my breast, I called his office for an appointment. He asked that I come to the office on that very day. The next step was getting an appointment for a diagnostic mammogram and sonogram. I called for an appointment and was told by the facility that the next opening would be an entire month away. Dr. Cranor called on my behalf and had the appointment for my diagnostic procedures scheduled within that very week. After my biopsy, he shared results with me as soon as the report was in. He went above and beyond what was expected coordinating my care with an oncologist. Because of his caring, I know that I am much further along on my treatment journey than I would have been without his care. He is available by phone, text or email and shows more concern for my well being than any physician that I have ever seen. Happy Doctor's Day, Dr. Cranor! I hope to be your patient for many years to come!