Fantastic doctor for my mother with dementia

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| March, 16 2020 | for J. David Cranor, MD

When Dr. Cranor decided to open his MDVIP practice, it was an easy decision to enroll my mother into his practice. He had always been very attentive and caring with my mother, who had been diagnosed with dementia (likely Altzheimer's) a few years earlier. I'm so glad we did! She recently had a fall and subsequent hip replacement surgery, which as you might imagine, was quite difficult for a dementia patient! Dr. Cranor has been so kind to my mother, taking many out-of-hours calls from my sisters and me and also from the hospital, rehab facility and memory-care facility where she lives now. I think he probably took at least a call a day for the last few months. My mother has gotten execellent care from Dr. Cranor. We can't recommend or thank him enough!