The fast track to referrals

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| March, 11 2020 | for John Z. Carter, MD

After having two heart stents implanted, I was especially concerned when similar cardiac symptoms began to appear again. When my cardiologist did not respond to my calls, Dr. Carter advised that I go to ER for confirmation of any problem. The cardiologist on call at the hospital ER performed an angiogram and announced that there was no problem with my heart. Dr. Carter began to look for other explanations for my symptoms and referred me to two specialists who saw me immediately after the request from Dr. Carter's office. When neither specialist came up with an answer, Dr. Carter once again considered the possibility of a heart problem. This time, when he sent me to the ER for testing, I was rushed into surgery for a third heart stent. I was on the verge of a major heart attack. Thanks for Dr. Carter for not giving up, not dismissing my symptoms, not accepting the other cardiologist's diagnosis of no heart problem. Subsequent to my surgery, Dr. Carter offered the name of a new cardiologist and made the referral phone call when I said I wanted a cardiologist who would give more attention to my symptoms. It is a huge relief to know that Dr. Carter not only handles my routine medical care but also puts me in touch, without delay, with specialists. Thank you, Dr. Carter, for your professional expertize and personal support.