Finally...a doctor who listens!

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| March, 28 2020 | for Leslie S. Emhof, MD

To make a long story short, I had a wonderful integrative practice before moving to the city I am in now. Three practices have been tried and "fired" because I was either not seeing the same doctor with each visit, or the doctor told me vitamins were making me fat, or the NP was careless about recording tests on my record which had not been performed, or trying to prescribe medication which I believed would cause more problems than they would solve. Dr. Emhof, however, did none of these things. After the initial visit, he did some tests, and made recommendations that worked to solve the symptoms I was having. It is gratifying that, two-and-a-half years later, i am seeing results! Not only that, Dr. Emhof and I share health and wellness information that we find potentially other words, we have a real health and wellness dialogue that I believe is foundational to health care. If Dr. Emhof decides to retire any time soon, I will be in a real pickle!!!