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Loe Anne
| January, 20 2024 | for David J. Hobbs, MD

I have a 'family" autoimmune disease which I got from my mother as diagnosed by the doctors at Dartmouth, Mary Hitchcock Hospital in NH, All my siblings have it too. It makes us ultra sensitive to chemicals in our systems. I was hospitalized after being poisoned with samonella. The doctors and the hospital refused to take the auto immune problem seriously. I spent from 10/30/23 to 1/1/24 in bed either in the hospital (going back and forth in an ambulance, or in bed at home). They loaded me with so many drugs that I am only yesterday able to spend a whole day out of bed. LISTEN TO YOUR PATIENTS. YOU HAVE THE BOOK LEARNING, BUT I HAVE LIVED WITH THIS BODY FOR 88 YEARS.
Loe Anne Kimball Pino