God bless Dr. Kopecky

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Dr Roy R
| March, 14 2020 | for Chris L. Kopecky, MD

Several months ago, my wife became very ill complaining of acute stomach pain. It was late evening. I called Dr. Kopecky to inquire if he could see her in the morning. Moments later, Dr. Kopecky was at my door. It was now very late, and Doctor Kopekcy wanted her to have a prescription. I told him that I would go and get the prescription filled. He stated," no, you stay here with your wife; I'll be back sooner than you." Moments later, he returned with the medication. Then, he left telling me to call him in the morning with an update on how she was feeling. It was late into the night and finally, my wife fell asleep. At approximately 6 am, Dr. Kopecky called me to check on my wife. I told him that she was still in a great deal of pain. He directed me to take her to St. Luke's Emergency Room and that they would be expecting her. Shortly after arriving at St. Luke's, my wife had emergency surgery. Dr. Kopecky saw her daily and to this day, we will always be grateful. He saved her life. May God bless Dr. Kopecky.