God Still Heals His People

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| April, 23 2020 | for John V. Borders, MD, FACP

My cousin contracted the Corona Virus and spent 10 days critically ill. His sister contacted every one she knew to pray for healing and that his wife would not get this virus. He is 70. People then called their churches to pray and others asked prayer of their family’s and friends. He was hospitalized during these days and not expected to recover. But on that tenth day he tested clear of the deadly virus and went home Saturday before Easter Sunday. Everyone was notified of this healing from our living God and we all were in great praise for His faithfulness to those who love Him. Doctors and Our God worked together and His child was well, though his body was weak and he needed rest and physical therapy. The next part was exciting news to us all, especially for my cousins. God the Father, Jesus His Son and Savior to all who receive Him, as Lord, and The Holy Spirit, The Triune God is alive in America! The Bible is True!!