Grateful and Fortunate!

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| March, 10 2020 | for S. Steven Kim, MD

Dr. Stephen Kim has not only helped me to get my quality of every day life back, but he has recently been beyond helpful and knowledgable during the recent lung cancer diagnosis for my 80 year old father. Dr. Kim knows so many of the appropriate specialists that were able to help me get to the bottom of a sciatica problem, which nerve surgery and the removal of my right piriformis muscle that was crushing my nerve after a water raft ride landing gone wrong at a local water park. The pain and inability to be active was horrible, but my pain disappeared immediately after that surgery. WIthout Dr. Kim's testing and knowledge of doctors who could help me, I wouldn't be walking close to normal today! His entire staff is absolutely amazing, kind and always smiling :-)
As far as my dear, sweet father's unfortunate situation, Dr. Kim and his entire staff have been understanding, overly helpful and able to help us get in touch with the best oncologist my father could have in order to try and treat him. Dr. Kim has been available to listen, help us understand test results and has treated my father and all of us with the highest level of respect and dignity possible while dealing with everything. He truly cares about all of us, especially because he recognizes the fact that this affects all of our family, not just my father.
We deeply thank Dr. Kim and his amazing staff for everything they do for our whole family, all year long!