Grateful beyond words for Dr Smiths care during my recent hospitlaization

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Tina Elizabeth
| July, 26 2021 | for Alan A. Smith, MD

I have been a patient of Dr Alan Smith for 30+yrs - we have grown old together! I have also been employed in health care myself for 40+ years and have seen so many changes. Dr Smith was recommended to me by my father, who at the time was a retired Radiologist wintering in FL. He told me " You need to get yourself a good doctor - this guy is a TRUE GP - geriatrics to Pediatrics - I highly recommend". Well, am I ever glad I listened to my father. Over the years he has provided me with consistent quality and thoroughness, knowledge & understanding, compassion and kindness. When he moved his practice to MDVIP, there was no hesitation on my part to stay with him. Over the years i have referred multiple people to his practice and everyone of them has been completely satisfied and thrilled with the attention and care they have received.
After my annual physical this year, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer and Dr Smith has kept abreast with my treatment. Last Saturday I went to the Infusion Center to receive my third Zarxio shot as they were trying to raise my ANC and WBC count so I could start back up chemo (it had been delayed because my immunity was so low). When I arrived I was panting, severe SOB. The RN immediately took my vitals: HR was 150 and my O2 Sats were low 80's. They immediately sent me to the adjacent EC to r/o a Pulmonary Emboli. I couldn't have been in the EC 5 minutes before I got a text from Dr. Smith - "Are you in the ER at St Anthonys?". He was at my bedside within 20 minutes. I cant say enough about having been admitted to hospital under my MDVIP GP, Alan Smith, MD. He consulted with the Critical Care (Pulmonology) and Cardiology Services to stabilize my condition, evaluate and diagnose my illness and initiate immediate treatment. I was also under Oncology services. I had many Radiologic tests to r/o PE, complete Cardiac workup and Blood and cultures done extensively. I was bordering on sepsis and of coarse I was also very scared. Dr. Smith was there at my bedside the subsequent 2 mornings and really put my mind at ease that I was getting the appropriate care while in the hospital. He made sure all 4 services communicated with one another, I got the treatment I needed and evaluated me for improvement and appropriateness of discharge. I was in the hospital for two nights and I know (I am a healthcare worker of 40+ years) had I been admitted under the Hospitalist or someone else I would have been in there longer.. Home is definitely where we heal better! He then made sure I was still on the appropriate antibiotics for another week. All in all, Dr Smith made the best out of what was a very scary time for me and a situation that could have had a much more dire outcome. KUDOS to my pal AL!!